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Save Open Space - Danville, or SOS-Danville for short, is a citizen's group that has been formed to:

1. Preserve and protect Danville's remaining agricultural, park and recreation, and open space land. 

2. Ensure that Danville voters get a say in any decisions that might affect the future use of current agricultural, park and recreation, or open space use land.

Central to our work is the Preservation Initiative.
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We Are Committed to Saving Danville's Open Space
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SOS-Danville Files Suit Against Town 
Thanks to the amazing support of local residents, SOS-Danville has filed suit against the Town of Danville and the Danville Town Council challenging the Town's approval of the SummerHill Magee Ranch project. 

The basis for the suit is the Town's failure to properly assess and mitigate environmental impacts (per the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act) and the Town's failure to follow the Danville General Plan and Measure S.

This has been a long road for the public, beginning nearly three years ago when the project was first announced. Since then, thousands of residents have become involved in the effort to obtain the vote mandated by Measure S. 

Send Money For Our Legal Challenge​NOW!!!
We are currently engaged in a legal challenge and every monetary contribution helps! Please therefore consider donating to our legal fund. Checks should be sent to SOS-Danville, P.O. Box 295, Diablo, CA 94528.

Town Council Approves SummerHill Project 
On Tuesday June 18, the Danville Town Council unanimously approved the SummerHill development. The Council was so eager to develop this open space that they pushed on (despite protest) until 2:00 a.m. to bring it to vote that very night, when there were few people left to witness their actions. The Council was so pro-SummerHill that they ADDED HOMES to the project that the Planning Commission had wisely removed. 

The Council unanimously ignored Danville residents' rights to vote on the project pursuant to Measure S. 

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you are looking to get involved with SOS-Danville and the Preservation Initiative. We look forward to hearing from you.