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Save Open Space - Danville, or SOS Danville for short, is a citizen's group that has been formed to:

1. Preserve and protect Danville's remaining agricultural, park and recreation, and open space land. 

2. Ensure that Danville voters get a say in any decisions that might affect the future use of current agricultural, park and recreation, or open space use land.

Central to our work is the Preservation Initiative.
We Are Committed to Saving Danville's Open Space
Breaking News
SOS-Danville has filed its opposition brief and opening brief on cross-appeal. 

The opposition brief was our response to the Town Council's and SummerHill Homes' efforts to overturn the Court's rulings in favor of SOS-Danville. 

The cross-appeal opening brief is regarding the issue of the Town Council's claim that the Agricultural land had "automatically" been rezoned from A-4 (one home per twenty acres) to A-2 (one home per 5 acres) when the Williamson Act contract on that land expired in 2010. 

As before, the Town Council is handling the General Plan and zoning issues, and SummerHill is handling the CEQA bicyclist safety issue and both of them will join in each other's briefs. 

The Court is likely to set the associated hearing date between mid-summer 2015 and the end of 2015.

SOS Danville Wins Suit Against Town
(July 2014)

Thanks to the amazing support of local residents, SOS Danville has prevailed in its suit against the Town of Danville and its approval of the SummerHill Magee Ranch project. The judge ruled that Danville Town Council violated the Danville General Plan when it rezoned the Magee Ranch Agricultural-designated land to Planned Unit Residential Development zoning, without first changing the land use designation to a Residential one that permits P-1 zoning. 

SOS Danville also prevailed on the issue of bicycle safety. The judge ruled that the Council violated the California Environmental Quality Act in its failure in the EIR to analyze the impact of the SummerHill project's increased traffic on bicyclist safety along Diablo Road. 

Town Council Approves SummerHill Project 
(June 2013)

On Tuesday June 18, the Danville Town Council unanimously approved the SummerHill development. The Council was so eager to develop this open space that they pushed on (despite protest) until 2:00 a.m. to bring it to vote that very night, when there were few people left to witness their actions. The Council was so pro-SummerHill that they ADDED HOMES to the project that the Planning Commission had wisely removed. 

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Other Resources
Save Our Creek is a community group that is fighting the proposed SummerHill Homes cluster development on Magee ranch agriculturally designated land. The group’s legal counsel has found that the Town of Danville is planning to illegally deny the public’s right to vote on the development, as outlined by Measure S.
We may have prevailed with our suit against the Town of Danville, which challenged the Town's approval of the SummerHill Magee Ranch project, but our fight is not over yet!

The Town Council and SummerHill Homes are appealing our victory with the California Court of Appeal. We must therefore be prepared to defend our victory, or forfeit the case. 

Please consider donating to our legal fund.

Checks should be sent to SOS Danville, P.O. Box 295, Diablo, CA 94528
CA Court of Appeal: Next Steps in Lawsuit
(February 2015)